How we work & our tools //

Parametric Design & Architectural Programming //

We define architectural programming as the research and decision-making process that identifies the scope of work to be designed.

We start together with client to define the “Story” of the place, we define what kind of functions, highlights and requirements we need before we start designing. We define the most important Parameters in the project and make it visible through our Parametric design software. With our Parametric design tools are we able to define the first “shapes” of the project taking in consideration the functions and the feasibility of the project. Different options are easy to redevelop like shown in the video bellow.

3DDD // 3 Dimensional Digital Design

After the parametrical process we jump into design, for example reshaping the forms, developing facades, landscaping and interiors. When everything is more or less define we visualize, develop videos and bring the project into virtual reality in our CGI studio. Developing our own visualizations helps sometimes to reconsider many design aspects which we couldn’t see before during the design process.

We use it in all our Assets ; Urban Planning, Architecture and Interiors

We use our 3D digital Models very early in the Design process. In this way are able to develop and manage big amount of information of architectural models. This information can be extracted, exchanged or redevelop to support decision-making regarding a building or other built asset. 

More Of Us Studio for Visualizations
made by More Of Us Studio for visualizations

3DVR // Working Sessions in the 3 Dimensional Virtual Reality

 During the working session while „turn & play“ we are able to render our models in life modus.  We could change materiality, furniture, light situation, etc. Here you are able to experience the space as if you were already in there. For a more tangible experience we present real Material Samples according to the options, this are also shown in 3D Model in digital from.

Virtual Reality presentation

3DDS // 3 Dimensional Digital Scanning

3DDS works by using a laser to map out a 3 dimensional space. This “Laser cameras” captures the existing condition of the building, after it allows the data to be imported into 3D software. We use this tool to digitalize a Building when no plans are available or exist for example in old buildings.

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