GARBE Hafen City Hamburg // Working units // Meeting points


Interior Design : More Of Us // Ausf├╝hrung : Gelissen Interiors // Completed January 2020

In collaboration with JES (Masterplan , predesign and office distribution) we designed 1500 qm Office area for GARBE Industrial Real state. The corridors are conceptually thought as a “Promenade”, as connection to the offices as well as meeting points for teams interactions.

Wish for Individuality, friendly natural materials, more private spaces and good ventilation

Several interviews between JES and Garbe Coworkers had shown that the wish of individual and more private spaces was higher than the wish of an open space type. The interviews were made in 2018, but allready on that time topics like Illness, getting a virus from a coworker, sound and loudness, individuality and materiality where high on the list of importance for a better working environment. So together with JES we designed close units maximal for two people , with friendly, Natural and warm materials like cotton and wood, with mechanical aswell with Natural ventilations and with the possibility of independent “decorated” shelfs by the user him/herself for more individuality.

In between the working units we designed different Modules as a community meeting points, according again to the users wishes. In this “pods” the comunity can meet for lunch, have a conversation with coworkers, have a telco, telephone conversation, have a (zoom) meeting, workshops, etc without interrupting the daily work of other coworkers.